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Easy Easter classroom decorations for under $10

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Easter art projects

The easiest way to decorate for any season is with a colorful art or craft project that your students make that is then displayed in the classroom. Once you have an Easter bulletin board, you need a colorful Easter art or craft project to hang on it for the ultimate Easter classroom decorations.

Doily Easter eggs

If you aren’t a fan of messy crafts, you will love this doily Easter egg craft by A Little Pinch of Perfect. Inspired by the eggs in the book Rechenka’s Eggs, this Easter craft uses paper doilies and markers to create beautiful Easter egg art that takes the mess out of painting. For this craft, you will need colored paper and paper doilies (which you can find at the dollar store).

Project cost estimate:

Doilies: $1
Markers: On hand
Paintbrushes: On hand or $1
Total cost: $1 and up

Marbled egg paintings

It’s easy to create a pretty marbled effect on paper when you add acrylic paint to a tray full of shaving cream. Find instructions for these perfectly pretty Easter egg paintings at Typically Simple.

Project cost estimate:

Shaving cream: $1
Baking pan: $1
Acrylic paint: On hand or about $1 per color
Construction paper: On hand
Total cost: $3 and up

Spring bunny gumball machine

Create an adorable Easter bunny diorama with a simple terracotta pot and a dollar store candy jar. Use your favorite figurines to make an eye-catching holiday scene like this one from Average Inspired. This one of the Easter classroom decorations that will have the other teachers talking.

Project cost estimate:

Terra cotta pot and tray: $2
Candy jar: $1
Easter grass or moss: $1
Bunny figurines: $1
Acrylic paint: $1
Total cost: $6


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