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Easy Easter classroom decorations for under $10

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Give your classroom decor a makeover this spring with these Easter classroom decorations that will brighten up the room and give your kids something extra to smile about. You will also be smiling because these ideas are also budget-friendly.

You should be able to find most of the supplies for these Easter decor and craft ideas in your craft cupboard at school, or you can pick up additional supplies inexpensively at the dollar store.

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Spring classroom bulletin board ideas

Create an eye-catching Easter bulletin board to brighten up your classroom using these clever ideas.

Rainbow paper chain classroom bulletin board

Instagram user Classroom_decor created this beautiful classroom bulletin board using simple paper chains in rainbow colors. All you need to create a similar rainbow is construction paper and a stapler.

Project cost estimate:

Construction paper: $5 or on hand
Scissors: On hand
Staples: On hand
Total cost: Free to $5

Reading with my Peeps classroom bulletin board

Peeps are a traditional Easter candy favorite — sugar-coated marshmallows shaped like bunnies or chicks. They also make the perfect Easter classroom decorations. Use the iconic Peeps bunny shape to create a reading-themed classroom bulletin board, classroom door decoration or reading corner sign.

Project cost estimate:

Colored butcher paper: On hand
Scissors: On hand
Markers: On hand
Glitter: $5 (Optional)
Glue: On hand (Optional)
Total cost: Free to $5

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