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7 DIY Easter decorations that don’t involve eggs

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When Easter approaches it’s easy to get egg fatigue before you even start planning your menu and decor. So many recipes and crafts call for these protein-packed eggs that your shopping cart could get high cholesterol from before you even hit the checkout lane. If you are looking to add some variety to your soiree, here are some delightful DIY Easter decorations with spring accents that don’t involve eggs.

Hot-air balloon basket

This beautiful hot air balloon is simple and inexpensive to make. The charming basket idea from Party Pinching transforms a regular basket of your choice, paper straws and a Easter grass into a sweet ride for a stuffed bunny, chick or chocolate treat. As a bonus, adding a lot of additional Easter candy won’t weigh it down.

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Rainbow wreath

When the Peeps hit the shelves it’s officially the countdown to Easter. Most people buy them in bulk, but no one can actually consume them all without doing serious damage to their organs. A colorful wreath is a great way to celebrate the Peeps without letting them all go to waste. This idea from Tried and True arranges these marshmallows rabbits (the bunny Peeps have more colors than the classic chick shape) on Styrofoam with toothpicks and a pretty burlap ribbon.

Origami bunny garland

A garland isn’t just for that big December birthday. You may think of it as something you only string on pine trees, but this festive decoration is a perfect way to perk up a tea party or a backyard egg hunt. If you are worried that your paper-folding skills aren’t up to par, Hellobee has you covered with a step-by-step tutorial.

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Bunny dream car

Barbie isn’t the only one in town with a dream car. It’s high time that Peter Rabbit was tooling around town in one, too. You can easily make this fantasy happen with some Peeps, Twinkies and other sweet treats. The instructions, courtesy of Wonderful DIY, show how to assemble the bunny hot rods.

“Carrot” cake

These cupcakes are a cute way to get your kids to eat carrots, or at least harvest them from the earth. This adorable recipe from Your Cup of Cake is made with strawberries, which are dipped in orange chocolate melts and then nestled in crushed Oreo cookie crumb “dirt.” The cupcakes look like they are straight from the garden, and they not only make a great Easter Sunday display but a delicious one as well.

Nest tea cakes

If you are looking for a cupcake that is a bit more sophisticated, here is one that would be best suited for a pinkies-up tea party for adults. Resembling something that Alice stumbles upon after chasing the White Rabbit, these pretty cakes are baked in teacups and then topped with a dainty robin’s nests. Designed by Hot Polka Dot, the vanilla bean cake is decorated with caramel buttercream frosting, a spun sugar nest and blue robin’s egg candies. It all makes for a rockin’ robin sweet treat.

Candy is dandy centerpiece

If you are entertaining guests, you will want to have some fragrant stems on display for Easter Sunday. A fun way to showcase them is with the candy you have on hand. This centerpiece idea from Two Sisters can easily be assembled while putting together your Easter baskets. Using two vases — so one can nest inside the other — fill up the outer vase with pastel M&M’s, Peeps or jelly beans, and use the inner vase for the beautiful blossoms.

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