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6 classic Easter books to share with your kids

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This Easter, put down the technology and spend some quality time reading with your kids. Curling up with your little ones reading a good book is some of the most special time you can spend together. Whether you’re reading about values or why the Easter Bunny brings chocolate in a basket to good little girls and boys, here are some of the best classic Easter books for the holiday.

The Easter Egg

If you are looking for a classic Easter book that also has a lesson, The Easter Egg is one that Babies to Bookworms recommends not only for celebrating that special Sunday but also for teaching compassion.

The main character of the colorful pages (written and illustrated by Jan Brett), Hoppi, decides that rather than finish an egg-decorating competition to win the chance to meet the big honcho Easter Bunny, he is going to stand guard by a robin’s egg that has fallen from its nest.


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