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Adult Easter egg hunts that were made for Sunday Funday (mimosas included)

Adult Easter egg hunt ideas
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Yes, an Easter party for grown-ups can actually be cool. These adult Easter egg hunt ideas are sure to give everyone (well, guests who are 21 and up) a good time.

Picture this: Easter brunch with your favorite childless pals, running through the green spring grass with a mimosa in hand, hunting for things you’d actually like to find.

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A grown-up Easter egg hunt is a great way to bask in nostalgia and get conversations going while avoiding a sugar crash. Here are some adult Easter egg hunt ideas that will give your friends some hilarious memories for years to come.

Spa hunt

Start with a light brunch of fresh fruit, egg white frittatas, cucumber water and mimosas.

Then, instead of hiding eggs, hide spa goodies: sheet masks, eye treatments, lip scrubs, peel pads, sample-size moisturizers, hand cream, mani/pedi tools like toe separators, cuticle sticks and nail polish, and soothing gel and lavender eye masks.

When everything has been found, pour some more mimosas and let the pampering begin!

Lotto fever

Fill plastic eggs with scratch-off lotto tickets, and let your guests check their luck twice: once when hunting for the eggs themselves, and again when they scratch off their tickets. Celebrate the wins with champagne.

Get crafty

Pick a fun craft everyone can do. Go crazy at the craft supply store and pick up enough supplies for everyone to make whatever it is you decide they should make. Scatter the supplies around the yard, and after everyone finds all the supplies, gather around and start crafting.

Egg fight

This one is messy, and you should definitely wear your paintball safety gear.

Decorate raw eggs instead of hard-boiled eggs — about 3 to 4 per person should do the trick — and hide them outdoors. Everyone collects as many eggs as they can find. When all the eggs have been picked up, divide the group in two and line up on opposite ends of the yard, and then start throwing eggs at each other! Once you’re hit, you’re out.

The last person standing wins a bucket of Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Hoppy Easter!

Hide bottles of your favorite microbrews around the yard and set your guests loose. After the hunt, crack a few open and keep your Uber app on standby.

Easter egg Jell-O shots

Using egg-shaped molds, make a couple of batches of alcoholic Jell-O jigglers. When completely set, slip them into plastic eggs and keep them in the fridge until just before the hunt. Guests have to gulp whatever they find. Once again, keep Uber on alert.

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CrossFit crew

Invite your CrossFit friends over for a morning workout, Easter-style. Fill plastic eggs with slips of paper with various exercises written on them, along with the number of reps. You can either have each individual perform the tasks in the eggs they find, or have each person read theirs off for everyone to do.

Do it for the ‘Gram

Fill plastic eggs with different funny photo ideas — like cracking a raw egg on someone’s head, wearing a wig made of Easter basket grass, wearing a bunny mask and ears and/or a baby chick mask (beak included), wearing a T-shirt featuring a bunny butt and a funny saying like “Phoenix Brunch Crew Easter Keister,” sitting on the lap of a terrifying Easter Bunny. Everyone then must post their pics to Instagram using a designated hashtag.

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