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8 Easter crafts your kids will love

Photo credit: Easy Peasy and Fun/100 Things 2 Do/Mason Jar Crafts Love

Want a few easy crafts to add some Easter cheer to your home or office? These ideas will get you and the kids playing with fun and cheery colors — an especially good remedy for lingering winter blahs, and a fun way to welcome spring.

1. Easter egg mason jars

Ah, mason jars, how we love thee! So many creative uses, whether for crafts, recipes, holiday decorations, weddings… Here’s a fun, kid-friendly craft that’s perfect for little and older ones alike. With just a few supplies, some creativity, a few days (for drying time), and a little pizzazz, you can add a touch of Easter to a shelf or table, use it as a centerpiece or give it as an Easter gift to someone special.

No other holiday screams pastels like Easter, so for paint, bring out the pale pinks, purples, greens and yellows for this craft. For the nonconformists in your group who prefer more vivid colors, bright yellow, deep orange and rich blue work well, too.

Washi tape is another darling of the craft world: It comes in so many amazing designs and styles, and traditional styles are made from plant fibers, so it’s better for the environment. For this craft, however, you can also use a more budget-friendly option, since the tape gets removed after the paint dries. Good ol’ transparent tape, masking tape, or even printing labels work just as well here. (Duct tape is another option, but you have to be careful: It might remove too much of the first layer of paint.) You can add a accents of Washi tape to the finished product as a finishing touch, either around the mason jar or covering the lid.

If you don’t have several days to let the paint dry between layers or just want a simpler design, paint the jars with one solid, beautiful color with brushes or spray paint. Little hands can help with this and add vinyl cutouts of bunnies, carrots, eggs, or any other Easter-related design.

And last but certainly not least: Fill your masterpiece! Some fake grass with a stuffed animal peeking out, colored Easter eggs and candy are traditional options. If you’re a nature lover, forgo the fake grass, add a bit of topsoil to the jar, and chose a lovely plant or succulent that you’ll all enjoy long after the eggs have been hunted and the kiddos are in a candy coma.

If the ingredients inside your jar are too wonderful to hide, display them by painting the jar only part of the way up (it’ll look as if it’s been dipped in paint). This works well for a plant; you can use it as a centerpiece, give as a gift or place on a windowsill. Or, add a little fake grass on the bottom, and nestle a chocolate bunny surrounded by jellybeans on top.

Photo credit: Mason Jar Crafts Love

2. Cute Easter wreath made with dollar-store items

Visiting a dollar store is like a treasure hunt for us crafters to find what’s new, exciting, sparkly, fun –and affordable — to help us create our newest masterpieces. These vibrant Easter wreaths are the result of just such a quest. You’ll find everything you need there to create a vibrant, cheery centerpiece for your table or decoration for your door. Colored Easter eggs got nothin’ on this explosion of color! Invite some friends over, have each of them bring different colors and supplies, lay it all out on a large table, and get as creative as your heart desires.

This is a great project to do with kiddos, too, because, no matter how you scrunch, bunch and twist, it just works once it all comes together. Your little helpers will love choosing some adornments for their wreath.

If you want a wreath you can keep up long after Easter, choose different colors of ribbon, consider more greenery and flowers, or even go for the au naturel look with bare branches decorated sparsely with sprigs of flowers or a touch of green. The wire wreath form and pipe cleaners will easily support whatever you come up with.

Photo credit: 100 Things 2 Do

3. Easy paper bunny craft

Calling all teachers! Here’s a fuss-free Easter craft for your classroom that uses supplies you probably already have on hand. Parents, grandparents, siblings and daycare providers also will enjoy the ease of this hassle-free Easter craft. With just a little prep work (cutting the construction paper into strips), you’re ready to make a family of bunnies that hop happily onto a shelf, dresser, table, or windowsill. The littlest hands will need a bit of help as they form the strips into the shape of the bunny, but older kiddos should be able to follow along with minimal help.

Pink and blue make perfectly lovely bunnies, but the non-conformists in your group might prefer bunnies of different colors. Offer a few choices of construction paper and encourage young artists to use their creativity and add their own personality to the project. As a final touch, tear a few cotton balls into small tufts and glue one to each bunny as a tail.

For a cute kids’ table centerpiece, place several of these bunnies in the middle of some Easter grass. Add a few plastic eggs and maybe a carrot or two.

Photo credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

Looking for more great ideas? Try these other easy Easter crafts to make with your kids!

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6. Bunny planters

7. Easy paper Easter wreath

8. Carrot footprints

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