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11 unique ideas for dyeing Easter eggs

Photo credit: Growing a Jeweled Rose/Say Not Sweet Anne/Freut Cake

Smells have the ability to conjure up memories instantly. Freshly baked bread might recall Grandma’s kitchen. Warm, sweet cinnamon rolls might bring you back to Christmas morning at Mom’s. Crayons take you right back to kindergarten. 

So what does Easter smell like? Quite possibly, jellybeans, marshmallow bunnies… and vinegar, the staple ingredient in Easter egg dye. While the Easter egg dyeing ideas below will take you back with that same pungent smell, the designs are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

1. Blueberry-dyed Easter eggs

Blueberries: They aren’t just for muffins and pancakes! For beautiful Easter eggs that are as easy and budget-friendly as those you dip in color-tablet baths — but without the chemical dyes — try these blueberry-dyed eggs. Not only are they simple to create, but they’re also gorgeous to look at.

With only three ingredients and the time it takes to boil and cool the eggs, you’ll be ready to create your masterpieces. Kids can help as they nibble on a healthy snack of blueberries (win-win) — and the natural ingredients are better for the environment, so you can feel good about your amazing designs.

Take the creativity to the next level with other natural ingredients such as cornstarch and water, paint brushes, plus pens or markers to add speckles for an even closer resemblance to robin eggs.

Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. What better color for Easter eggs?

Blueberry-dyed Easter eggs
Photo credit: Freut Cake

2. Mosaic Easter eggs

Move over, Picasso. Make room, da Vinci. Go away, van Gogh. There’s a new artist in town, and it’s you. These mosaic Easter eggs are a bit more time-consuming to make than the traditionally colored egg, but the results are worth the effort. This is a fun project to do with a friend over coffee, with an older child or teenager, or with a patient younger one.

Chances are, you won’t want to part with these for an Easter egg hunt, so make some extras. Displayed on decorative trays or in baskets, they’re beautiful additions to your Easter table. Next to “Happy Easter,” “How did you make those?” will be the thing you hear most at brunch.

Mosaic Easter eggs
Photo credit: Say Not Sweet Anne

3. Neon-glow eggs

Think tie-dye meets fluorescent meets neon, and you’ll have an idea of what these neon glow eggs are all about. While the process is similar to that of traditional Easter egg dye jobs, the results are anything but.  Gather the kids, cover a table with newspaper (or towels you don’t mind adding some color to), stand back and watch the magic happen.

The combinations of colors and creations are endless.  Dip in one color, three colors… all the colors, if you’re that adventurous. You’ll need neon paint, water, vinegar, bowls and spoons. That’s it! Midnight Easter egg hunt, anyone?

Neon-glow eggs
Photo credit: Growing a Jeweled Rose

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