tequila ginger lime cocktail

Ginger green tea Zen-garita

Yield 1 cocktail


For ginger-infused tequila

For cocktail


For ginger-infused tequila

  1. Place ginger in jar and fill with tequila.
  2. Let sit in cool, dry place out of direct light.
  3. Infuse for up to three days.
  4. Strain tequila into clean jar.

For cocktail

  1. In cocktail shaker, combine tequila, green tea, lime juice and honey syrup.
  2. Fill shaker with few scoops of ice.
  3. Shake for 10 seconds to chill and combine ingredients.
  4. Strain cocktail into glass over ice.
  5. Float orange liqueur on top.
  6. Garnish and enjoy.


  • Brew your own green tea. Store-bought tea is too diluted for the cocktails. To brew strong tea, use extra tea bags when steeping, or steep tea for longer.
  • Matcha gives the cocktail an earthier flavor than regular green tea.
  • Orange liqueur can be incorporated into cocktail shaker. Floating liqueur on top is more reminiscent of a Cadillac-style margarita.
  • For honey simple syrup, combine equal parts water and honey. Heat over low heat until dissolved, or heat in a microwave-safe bowl or measuring cup. Stir well to incorporate. Chill syrup before using.

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