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Festive items that will take your Cinco de Mayo party to the next level

Cinco de Mayo holiday background with Mexican cactus and party sombrero hat on wooden table
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That’s right, everyone, May snuck up on us way too quickly this year. But before we skip straight to celebrating moms, it’s time for a holiday celebrating Mexican culture: Cinco de Mayo.

If you decide to get your fiesta on this year, make sure you bring one of these fun and light-hearted Cinco de Mayo gifts with you to the party. Because regardless of the holiday, nobody likes a freeloader. Don’t be the person who shows up empty-handed. Be the person who gets the party started.

Mini wooden maracas

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 3.20.06 PM
Image credit: Amazon

Shake things up a bit with these mini fiesta maracas. Not only are they adorably painted with pictures of cacti and mini sombreros, but they’ll allow you to start a mariachi band later on in the evening after a round (or three) of margaritas.

Mud pie circa salsa spoon set, silver

Image credit: Amazon

How cute are these vintage-style salsa serving spoons? Sure to stir things up a bit, these are constructed from silver plate metal and are adorned with quirky sentiments like “in queso emergency” and “holy guacamole.” They’re absolutely the perfect gift for your salsa-loving bestie.

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White flowers

Image credit: Amazon

In Mexico, ladies generally love to receive white flowers because they are considered uplifting and cheerful. These (fake) flowers would make a sweet hostess gift if you are attending a more traditional Cinco de Mayo meal. Beware of yellow, red and purple flowers, as they all have negative connotations in some parts of Mexico.

Margarita glasses

Image credit: Amazon

This set of margarita glasses comes with four unique glasses, each with a different bold-colored stem in the shape of a zig-zag. And let’s be honest, it’s always more fun to drink out of a funky glass.

Milagro heart

Image credit: Amazon

These small, metal charms are typically given for good luck in Mexico. Milagro literally translates to “miracle.” This gift is usually given as a thank you, so it makes the perfect gift for that special person on Cinco de Mayo.

RSVP authentic Mexican molcajete

Image credit: Amazon

Make someone’s day with this traditional Mexican version of the mortar. It’s carved out of natural volcanic stone and provides the ideal grinding surface for guacamole-making. It would be an amazing gift for someone who’s serious about their guac.

Tacos wine beer socks

Image credit: Amazon

This lighthearted gift is sure to make your hostess chuckle. Taco socks are already amazing, then add that they have a secret message on the bottom, and our mind is blown. This definitely wins for cutest gift on this list.


Image credit: Amazon

Succulents are the perfect gift because they’re low maintenance yet they bring so much life and color to a house. And everyone loves getting succulents as gifts, so Cinco de Mayo is the perfect occasion to keep that tradition alive and kicking.

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Cinco de Mayo rainbow striped fabric bottle cover

Image credit: Amazon

Keep your beers cold and your hands warm with these hilariously ironic bottle koozies. The striped fabric shawl slides over the top of any 12-ounce bottle, ensuring that even your beer will be appropriately dressed for a fiesta. This silly little gift is definitely one that will make you a hit among your fellow party-goers.

Spice Specialist’s Mexican spice gift set

Image credit: Amazon

This set of tasty Mexican spices is one any home chef would appreciate. It comes with burrito spice, Mexican oregano, taco seasoning, fajita seasoning and chicken Mexican BBQ seasoning. And the packaging is done for you, so there’s no need to worry about the wrapping. That’s our kind of present.

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