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This chewy chocolate chunk cookie recipe has a secret ingredient

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Leave it to Sally McKenney, the amazing baker behind Sally’s Baking Addiction, to blow us away with her perfect chewy chocolate chunk cookies. Seriously, folks, this is the only chocolate chip cookie recipe you will ever need!

Giant-sized and generously loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chunks, these scrumptious cookies come out of the oven as the softest, chewiest chocolate chip cookie you will ever gobble up. Sally isn’t just a baking expert, she is an outstanding teacher! She doesn’t just want you to sink your teeth into the greatest baked treats ever, she wants you to understand why they are so great. Her not-so-secret baking tips and tricks?

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Let’s start with the melted butter

Instead of creaming softened butter and sugar, Sally recommends melted butter. Why? Melted butter gives these cookies their amazing chew. Word of warning, make sure you let the melted butter and sugar mixture cool down before adding the eggs or you’ll end up cooking the eggs in the hot butter. Nobody wants scrambled eggs in their chocolate chip cookies!

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Speaking of eggs…

The baking blogger also suggests using 1 large egg and 1 large egg yolk instead of 2 whole eggs. The egg yolk adds to the chewy texture and gives the cookies a richer flavor. For best results, bring your eggs to room temperature before cracking. You can quickly do this by setting the eggs in a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes.

Sally McKenney - Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies - LOW RES

The secret ingredient

To get that ultra soft-baked cookie consistency, use cornstarch – it makes the cookies super thick. If you’ve never used cornstarch in a cookie recipe, this is the recipe that will have you hooked.

These cookies are huge! Three tablespoons of dough are rolled into a single cookie. But, before you start scooping up the cookie dough, you must, must, must chill it for at least three hours (and up to three days). Chilling the dough will keep it from spreading flat while in the oven. Repeat after us: Cold dough results in thick cookies. These cookies are meant to be thick.

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And one more baker’s tip

Make-ahead amazing! If you have the self-control to make the dough and not devour it straight from the bowl, you can roll the dough into balls and freeze them for up to three months. This means you can bake just a few at a time or have them ready to bake at a moment’s notice. Once baked, these perfect chewy chocolate chunk cookies can be baked, cooled completely, and frozen for up to three months. Our best advice? Make a double batch — one to devour now and one to freeze for later.

Click here for Sally’s chewy chocolate chunk cookies recipe.

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