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Warm up your holiday display with mason jar lights

The mason jar is among the most affordable craft supplies to buy in bulk, and is also one of the most versatile craft-starters, because you can make so many cool things with them.

Here’s a way to make mason jar lights — jars decorated with metallic spray paint on the outside, and tiny tealights on the inside — for a great go-to gift on that ever-growing Christmas list!

You’ll love the super-simple idea of light shining from behind a design. They’re cute, incredibly easy, and very budget-friendly to make.

Applying the decal of your choice (will later be removed)

Let your creativity shine

These mason jar lights so easy to customize with your own touches. Spray-paint different patterns onto the jars with stencils (try a lace doily!).

You can also try creating different patterns and layering with the spray paint — and try personalizing them with sayings and creative decorations around the outside.

Ready to spray-paint the jar and over the sticker

With so many possibilities, why not make a few and have a beautiful display of your own?

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The painted jar with sticker still in place

Remove the sticker to create a window!

Supplies needed for crafting mason jar lights

  • One clean mason jar with metal ring
  • Decorative pebbles
  • Vinyl sticker (star, words or whatever else you like)
  • Silver or gold metallic spray paint
  • Twine and/or decorative ribbon (other decorations, like our snowflakes, are optional)
  • battery-powered tealight candle for each jar

Directions: How to make mason jar lights

  1. Adhere vinyl sticker to clean, dry mason jar.
  2. Spray-paint the outside of the jar.
  3. When the paint is dry, carefully peel the sticker off the jar.
  4. Fill the jar a third of the way up with the decorative pebbles.
  5. Screw the metal ring back on to the top of the jar.
  6. Tie a little bit of twine around the jar.
  7. Place a tealight inside to illuminate your design from inside the jar.

Now you can warm up your holiday display with these mason jar lights!

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