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This is love: A country-style rope sign

Rope love sign complete

This craft takes the rustic look of wood planks and combines it with the bucolic look of rope, making a cute little sign that’ll knock your boots off.

Rope and wood craft supplies

What’s your sign?

Be still, our Joanna-Gaines-lovin’ hearts! One of the good things about the shiplap revolution is that wood planks are everywhere. Suppliers are even making planks in handy-dandy precut sizes (including the cord to hang them) that are great for crafting, like 10″ x 10″, 12″ x 12″ and 8″ x 14. If you happen to have some extra or reclaimed wood, you can use that instead.

You could also paint the board different colors — either traditionally or with a distressed rustic style — using holiday colors, white or metallics. Just be sure that the rope you use to form the word on top provides enough contrast.

A country-style rope sign

We used a cursive-style joined-up writing, but feel free to get creative with your style.

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Of course, “Love” is not your only option for a word! How about “Joy,” “Peace” or “Santa”? You also could make the sign say someone’s name. (Tip: Experiment with the flexibility of your rope, and plan out exactly how you’ll form the word before you even heat up the glue gun.)

Mix it up and make a few signs to keep for yourself or give away as gifts!

Tools & supplies for a country-style rope sign

  • Wood plank for crafting, size of your choice (rectangular shape recommended)
  • Rope, cord or heavy twine of your choice (we used metallic gold upholstery cord)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors

Directions: How to make your own rope sign

  1. With hot glue, affix the rope to the board where you want to start the letter “L.”
  2. Form the first letter, gluing down the rope as you go.
  3. Continue forming the rest of the word, gluing down the rope as you work.
  4. Finish by cutting the rope and gluing the edge down.

How to make a country sign on a plank

Rope love sign complete

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