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Cranberry Cava cocktail

Most people associate the fine art of winemaking with France — but Spain also produces many delicious wines, both sparkling and still. A good example is Cava: a sparkling wine that’s not only delicious, but also typically less pricey than Champagne and its Italian cousin, Prosecco.

All three are made using similar methods, and are named for the places in which they’re produced — in Cava’s case, the cool, dark caves or cellars found in Spain, in which the wine was originally stored and allowed to age.

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Light and fruity, Cava is drier than Prosecco but sweeter than Champagne. It’s available in several hues, such as white (blanc) and rosé (rosat). Levels of dryness range from brut nature (the driest) to dolç (the sweetest).

Wine is an important, traditional part of most family celebrations in modern Spain, and has been for centuries. Three hundred years ago, the average Spaniard consumed about 200 liters of wine per year, compared to the 15 liters that most drink today.

For the perfect addition to your holiday festivities, try pairing the crisp, fizzy flavors of traditional Spanish Cava with the sweet-tartness of cranberries. The result: a drink that’s perfect for toasting at holiday time… or any time!

Cranberry Cava cocktail

Pouring simple syrup

Cranberry bubbly cocktail

Cranberry Cava cocktail

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Cranberry Cava cocktail

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  1. Put simple syrup in glass flute.
  2. Fill flute with Cava.
  3. Garnish with sugared cranberries and mint leaves.

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Cranberry Cava cocktail in a glass

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