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8 Winter games cocktails perfect for toasting

The winter games are a wonderful reason to host a party! The appetizers, decorations and televisions are ready! So what kind of winter games cocktails should you serve for your festive viewing party? We have just the beverages to toast your favorite athletes. Cheers!

Sparkling red, white and blue sangria

There’s no need to relegate sangria to Memorial Day picnics and July 4th barbecues. The winter games are another great reason to break out this smooth and sweet sparkling red, white and blue sangria. With white wine, a little champagne, some red, white and blue fruits, and some apple stars, you’ll be singing “O say, can you see?” for the rest of the night.

Sparkling red, white and blue sangria
Photo credit: Gimme Some Oven

Rum cocktail with rings

What could be easier than rings representing the winter games dropped into a champagne flute? This rum cocktail with rings is a fun and festive way to celebrate the games. It also makes a celebratory mock-tail. Sprite or sparkling water, candy and a splash of white rum are all you need for this cocktail.

Rum cocktail with Olympic rings
Photo credit: Savannah Smiled

Sugared champagne

Champagne is the perfect drink to celebrate your favorite athlete’s victory. These sugared champagne flutes are visually delightful and a tasty treat. Rub a lemon wedge along the rim of the glass, then simply dip the flute into the different colors of sanding sugar. There’s no better way to toast the games, we think.

Photo credit: Cupcakes and Cashmere

Raspberry basil bourbon spritzers

A cocktail for every color of the rings is a unanimous hit for your viewing party. For the blue ring, the blue mule sets the stage with lime juice, vodka, blue curacao and ginger beer, with a garnish of fruit and herbs — it’s an inspiring, spicy, sweet and tangy drink. For the yellow ring, we have champagne, limoncello and club soda — so refreshing and light. Black sangria is our next ring and is the most mysterious with Apothic dark, blackberries, plums and black grapes. The next cocktail is a cucumber cooler, with cucumber, mint, vodka, St-Germain, sugar and soda water — it’s as beautiful and verdant as the green ring itself. Finally, for red, we have raspberry basil bourbon spritzers — the perfect cocktail with raspberries, basil, bourbon, champagne and lime juice. Your winter games party is made memorable with this drink.

Raspberry basil bourbon spritzers
Photo credit: Inspire by This

Boozy red, white and blue snowcones

USA! USA! The winter games bring out the patriotic spirit in all of us, even if it’s only for a brief moment. We love to see our home country bring home the gold. You can bring home the gold with these boozy red, white and blue snowcones. Pour the red and blue syrups over crushed ice. The red is rum and strawberries, and the blue is lime juice and blue curacao. Easy and fun, you’ll be famous — even if  just for five minutes.

Boozy red, white and blue snowcones
Photo credit: Clinton Kelly

Rocket jello shots

Nothing gets a party started faster than jello shots, and these rocket jello shots help you to flawlessly kick off your winter games party. You need a red jello — cherry for this recipe. Add a blue jello like berry, plain unflavored gelatin for the white layer and vodka. Jello shots are surprisingly easy to make for parties.

Rocket jello shots
Photo credit: Delish

The perfect caipirinha

Caipirinha is a Brazilian signature cocktail made with limes and a special liquor called cachaca. If you’re unable to find cachaca, vodka will substitute in a pinch. This recipe for the perfect caipirinha has lots of limes, some simple syrup and cachaca for a tart and sweet beverage. Be awarded extra marks by making caipirinha ice cubes to serve with this cocktail.

The perfect capirinha
Photo credit: Tomatoes Tomatoes

Korean plum tea

The next beverage is an homage to the Korean hosts of the winter games, as well as a virgin cocktail to offer your guests. This Korean plum tea is made with Korean plum extract or Japanese apricot extract. Dilute with filtered water, throw in some ice cubes and enjoy!

Korean plum tea
Photo credit: My Korean Kitchen

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