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20 merry mint cookies to make for the holidays

20 merry mint cookies to make for the holidays

Every season of the year has its signature flavor. Fall is definitely all about pumpkin spice, and winter is a peppermint paradise — starting with candy canes, and all the way to cakes and cookies! In keeping with the spirit of the season, we have rounded up 20 cool and refreshing recipes for festive mint cookies.

These treats range from rich and creamy to light and crispy and everything in between. We have white chocolate, dark chocolate, coconut and candy canes. There is a little something for everyone here! (For those who are not fans of mint, most of these can even be adapted by omitting the mint flavor, and you will still be left with a scrumptious cookie.)

Check out our selection of merry, minty goodies below!

1. Double chocolate peppermint sugar cookies

There is only one thing better than chocolate, and that’s double chocolate. These Double chocolate peppermint sugar cookies from The Beach House kitchen are sure to be a hit with your family.

They feature a ton of chocolate flavor, with cocoa, melty chips, and a dipped chocolate coating. They’re rolled in a layer of sugar and topped with candy canes for a pretty finish that will make your cookies the hit of any cookie swap!

Double chocolate peppermint sugar cookies

2. Also try Double Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cookies, from Hip Foodie Mom

3. Peppermint-stuffed chocolate sugar cookies

These Peppermint stuffed chocolate sugar cookies from CakeWhiz take the buttery flavor of the classic sugar cookie up a notch with the addition of chocolate and mint.

Chewy cookies gently surround a peppermint pattie, giving it a buttery and mellow flavor that is perfect for dipping in a cup of coffee or cocoa. These are crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside — and the chocolate sugar cookie dough is great with or without the peppermint pattie center. Make a batch of both to please everyone in your family!

Peppermint stuffed chocolate sugar cookies

4. Another one to check out: Peppermint Pattie-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies, from Delish

5. Peppermint sugar cookies

One of the best cookies for holiday baking parties is the sugar cookie. Nothing is quite as fun as spending an afternoon cutting out and decorating all kinds of festive holiday shapes! These Peppermint sugar cookies from Lil’ Luna add a holiday twist to an old favorite.

Here, soft and dense sugar cookies have the perfect hint of mint and can be decorated in pretty pink and white frosting, then sprinkled with candy cane crumbles. You can let your creativity flow by adding other colors and toppings to create a cookie masterpiece everyone will love!

Peppermint sugar cookies

6. Maybe try Peppermint Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting, from Cooking Classy

7. York Peppermint Patty fudge cookies

The York Peppermint Patty has been combining the contrasting flavors of dark chocolate and sweet, refreshing mint since 1940. These York Peppermint Patty fudge cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction are the perfect mix of chocolate and mint, and a great way to use up any leftover patties from Halloween!

These ooey-gooey, fudgy chocolate cookies combine the delicious chocolate-enrobed confection with double chocolate chip cookies. These cookies are thick, rich and dense like a brownie, with delicious mint chocolate on top. Fudge cookies like these have a really good chance of becoming a favorite you’ll want to enjoy all year long.

York Peppermint Patty fudge cookies

8. Chocolate mint cookies

If you are looking for a cookie that is chocolaty and cakey, this one is for you! These Chocolate mint cookies from Amanda’s Cookin’ are perfect little bite-sized buttons, with a light and cake-like texture. They have enough cocoa flavor to satisfy any chocolate lover, combined with a touch of mint.

Adapt them by omitting the mint flavor or adding the favorite flavor of your choice — like almond or coconut extracts. These are adorned with a drizzle of melted semisweet chocolate, but you can feel free to add white or dark chocolate, sprinkles or candy cane chips! These bite-sized morsels are sure to be a popular gift.

Chocolate mint cookies

9. A vintage variation: Double chocolate mint cookies recipe (from 1986) at Click Americana

10. Peppermint cookies

These pretty pink Peppermint cookies from CakeWhiz will look truly striking on any party table. Their vibrant color is accented with a coating of melted white chocolate and crispy candy cane chunks.

MORE: Classic candy cane cookies for Christmas

These cookies feature a lovely crackly exterior and a buttery, chewy interior. Decorate them in a variety of ways  –from dipping or drizzling in chocolate, frosting or glazing or making them into cookie sandwiches with a cream cheese filling. These are as pretty to look at as they are tasty and will add a festive pop of color to your cookie platter.

Peppermint cookies

11. Soft and chewy peppermint mocha cookies

If you are pressed for time this holiday season, these Soft and chewy peppermint mocha cookies from Home Made Interest are just the thing! These cookies are soft and chewy and full of lots of chocolate flavor, but they can be whipped up in a flash. By adding a few simple ingredients to a chocolate cookie mix, you can personalize these to create one of your new favorite peppermint cookie recipes.

These are made with peppermint and a hint of coffee, but you can add any extract to create your perfect pairing. Drizzle these with melted chocolate for a touch of decadence and a homemade feel. These are so good, nobody will know they aren’t made from scratch!

Soft and chewy peppermint mocha cookies

12. Peppermint Patty chocolate chip cookie bars

If you love chocolate chip cookies and Peppermint Patties, then these bars are for you. These Peppermint Patty chocolate chip cookie bars from Sally’s Baking Addiction combine the best of everything!

These thick and gooey bars combine two layers of melty chocolate chip cookie goodness surrounding an oozing and delectable Peppermint Patty center. The combination of hot and chewy cookie and creamy center will send you to holiday cookie heaven.

Had enough peppermint cookie recipes for now? You can substitute the center with peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered cherries, or your favorite candy bar.

Peppermint patty chocolate chip cookie bars

13. Peppermint chocolate coconut cookies

Chocolate, coconut and peppermint combine to form the perfect trifecta of taste in these Peppermint chocolate coconut cookies from Chocolate Covered Katie.

These little balls of deliciousness are perfect for those with dietary restrictions, because you can make them with the flour and sweetener of your choice. These are not only a healthier treat, but they are super easy to make as they are no-bake. You don’t need to heat your oven — just melt some chocolate in your microwave and dip these for a pretty and tasty finish. Then just chill and enjoy!

Peppermint chocolate coconut cookies

14. Peppermint white chocolate cookies

These Peppermint white chocolate cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction feature a variety of textures and flavors.

Most mint cookies use dark chocolate, but these cookies make creamy white chocolate the king. Sally also uses pure peppermint extract for a potent flavor punch. Combined with a chewy sugar cookie base and lots of crunchy candy cane pieces, you have a treat that will delight your taste buds!

The dough can be made well in advance and refrigerated or frozen, so these are great to have on hand and pop in the oven before company comes. You can get creative and finish these off with a drizzle of melted white chocolate, dark chocolate or both!

Peppermint white chocolate cookies

15. Here’s another version to try! White Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Oatmeal Cookies, from Love from the Oven

16. Homemade mint chocolate Milano cookies

The Milano is a pretty tasty store-bought cookie, but we all know that as a rule, the flavors of cookies made from scratch can’t be beat. These Homemade mint chocolate Milano cookies from Jessica Gavin are no exception.

She combines light and crispy butter cookies with a decadent layer of melted chocolate, and then adds mint and a hint of orange to capture the flavors of the season. These cookies adapt well into a gluten-free version, and you can also get creative with white, milk or dark chocolate fillings. These addictive cookies make an elegant and impressive holiday gift that your friends are sure to love!

Homemade mint chocolate milano cookies

17. Peppermint sugar cookie bars

The delicious cousin of the cookie is the thick and chewy cookie bar. These Peppermint sugar cookie bars from Chocolate Covered Katie use healthier ingredients without sacrificing flavor. They are rich and chewy, and taste kind of like a peppermint blondie brownie.

Katie has created a bar that can be made with traditional white flour or spelt or gluten-free flour to accommodate your needs. You can also use sugar or the adaptations including xylitol, coconut sugar or date sugar, which makes this a good recipe for dieters or diabetics.

Finally, Katie has even created a frosting made of wholesome yogurt that still tastes decadent. The chewy, buttery sugar cookie base with a hint of peppermint will please every palate without seriously expanding your waistline!

Peppermint sugar cookies bars

18. Chocolate peppermint blossoms

The Hershey’s Kiss is the perfect addition to any cookie, because it looks adorable and tastes even better.

These Chocolate peppermint blossoms from Lemon Tree Dwelling feature a chocolate cookie base that is chewy on the inside and lightly crackled on the outside. They are dusted with a fine layer of powdered sugar snow, and topped with a festive red and white striped candy cane flavored Kiss. Bake up several batches and share some love and kisses that your family is sure to appreciate.

Chocolate peppermint blossoms

19. Also try this one: Chocolate Peppermint Blossoms Recipe with a Hershey’s Kiss, from The Black Peppercorn

20. Chocolate candy cane cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are one of America’s most beloved cookies, and these Chocolate candy cane cookies from Chef in Training combine the beloved standby with some holiday flair.

These chewy-gooey mint cookies are not only packed with lots of chocolate chips, but also chewy candy cane chunks and melted thin mint patties. It is the perfect contrast of sweet cookie dough, bitter chocolate and refreshing mint. For a non-minty twist, add your favorite flavored chips and candies of your choice for a personalized creation — or the perfect gift.

Chocolate candy cane cookies

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